"Had a Blast singing with  CRUED ... These guys Kick Ass" !!! VINCE NEIL of MOTLEY CRUE




















"CRUED is a Motley Crue tribute band that goes thru the pain of doing it right ,...

Or don't do it at all" Vince Neil of Motley Crue

"Great job with the band Ziggy , you guys sound great" John Corabi of Motley


"CRUED put on a show that deserves to be playing in theaters across North

America similar ‘to tribute shows like Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience

(reviewed here) and Brit Floyd (reviewed here).

In other words their performance is too grandiose to be confined to bars

and clubs and would benefit from full on multi million dollar sound

and light systems"  Tmak World Magazine 



FUCK CANCER is a logo we created to help our friend Laurie Walsh in her battle against cervical cancer thru T-Shirt sales , benefit concerts & awareness

CRUED continues to fight in Laurie’s name with our strong message and we hope that you will fight with us ... 


CRUED performing Louder than Hell

CRUED promotional video


CRUED live promo video


October  2014  CRUED  performed  on   The  KISS Kruise  4   with   the   real  KISS  on  board  the  Norwegian   Pearl  from  Miami FLA to  Nassau  Bahamas .... Gene Simmons  knew  exactly  who  we  were & our  shows were one  of  the top  attended indoor  events 

In December 2013 CRUED shared the stage with John Corabi of Motley Crue during one of his solo unplugged shows in  Canada



In September 2012 CRUED performed with VINCE NEIL of  Motley Crue at his after party  in  Toronto Canada
CRUED   performing   Wildside    with  VINCE  NEIL   of  MOTLEY  CRUE !!!!


August 17th  at The Rockpile in Etobicoke with Am I SiXX 

August 18th  at Cherry Cola's downtown Toronto with AM i SiXX 

August 19th  2017 CRUEFEST SixX in Georgetown , Fight Against Cancer at our annual outdoor festival on private land with The Dregs , an AC/DC Tribute  ,  AM i SiXX & Three Quarter Stone & moreeee ... BYoB , Vendors , BBQ , camping & more 

Sept 2nd at Bar l'Explosion in St-Hyacinthe Quebec 

Sept. 8th at The Rockin Buffalo Saloon in , you guessed it Buffalo NY  


CRUED and Looks that Kill Rock Shop