"Had a Blast singing with  CRUED ... These guys Kick Ass" !!! VINCE NEIL of MOTLEY CRUE

Follow the Notorious Motley Crue tribute band as we travel Canada & beyond 




The Dirt from the Road .....

Oct. 31 to Nov. 4th performing on the Sixthman Soundcheck stage aboard the KISS Kruise IV

August 14th at the Kirkfield Invasion Bike Rally

August 22nd at Truck N' Roll en Coeur , Bedford PQ

August 23rd Final Tour After Party at The Crazy Horse Saloon , Ottawa

August 24th Final Tour After Party at CroBar , Montreal .

August 29th CRUEDFEST in Georgetown

December 12th at The Rockpile in Toronto for our annual  TOYS FOR TOTS DRIVE 

Aug 31st at Gold Diggers Club in London , 2010 Dundas Street East London ,.... CRUED returns to London in style !!! 

Aug 23rd at CRUEDFEST in Georgetown 14011 Trafalgar Road North ,  Ballinafad / Halton Hills Fright Against Cancer with Dust n Bones , Electric (the Cult) & Stone Velvet Roses , BBQ , Camping , Fireworks & more ,... NO GLASS , Donations at the gate , FREE Parking  

Aug 10th at the Antler Room in Toronto for the Motley Crue after party , packed to the rafters ,... if the romours of Vince Neil showing up came true there would have been a stampeede of crazyness ,... we hung out with  Q107 & must have posed for 100 photos with passer by fans 

Aug 9th at Stewart Maguires landing with Fistful of Alice Motley Crue pre-party

Aug 8th at the Kirkfield Invasion Bike Rally , amazing hospitality , I couldn't go 10 feet without being offered a cold beer or a joint to smoke , great food & a great crowd 

Aug 7th at Bay City Mucis Hall with Y108's Scott Penfold , plus SinBurn & Martian Rebel  , kick off to our Motley Crue week & an interview LIVE on Y108 , it was a riot 

July 12th at The Boston Manor as part of the Jam 4 Autism 

June 27 & 28 at the Victory Tavern in Timmins , the hottest weeknd of the summer was in Timmins ,.... weird thing here is that the sun didn't set till 10:00 so as we headed to the club we were all feeling like it was sound check time 

Saturday June 21st at the Tilbury Fun Fair with Destroyer 

Friday June 20th at The Rockpile Summer Bash & BBQ with Skrou , SinBurn & Stone Velvet Roses Bikes , babes a delicious BBQ & 4 amazing bands , we all kicked off summer in style and looked great with Way Cool Tattoos on hand 


Saturday June 14th at The John Street Pub in Arnprior ,... when you least expect it , an insane packed house of crazy Motley Crue fans is to be expected !!! 

Friday June 13th at the Budwiser Main stage in Port Dover 

Satuyrday May 3rd at Rockstar Bar S.S.Marie

Friday May 2nd at The Falcon Hotel in Sudbury  

Thursday April 17th at La Maison in Cornwall 

Friday April 18th (Good Friday) at The Granada Theatre Sherbrooke PQ ,... HUGE show for us , folling a tribute to Rammstine is no easy task butt Karl Robbe & Boon rose to the occasion & kicked SERIOUS ass in Sherbrooke PQ 


Saturday April 12th at Cousin Vinny’s in Sudbury 
Saturday March 8th Montreal for recording with the Tribute Masters ,... Thanks to Christian  & all the crew at Tribute Masters for an amazing weekend , Thanks to The Photowitch Karin Mahoney for capturing it all on camera ,.... We recorded at Piccilo Studios , home of Celine Dion , Simle Plan and more , OUTSTANDING studio & effort by all ,... At Black's sound stage in ...... We opened the door to a crew of more than  10 ppl , a lighting team , a video team , a beautiful sound stage , a produstion that puts pretty much every venue we have performed in to shame ,... CRUED worked for hours on video & costume shoots  for our tour with the Tribute Masters ,.
Thank you Thank You Thank You !!!! 
Friday March 7 at Obsession Nightclub Ottawa  The morning of the gig we found out our Bass play Karl's daughter was having complications in the hospital & he wouldn't be able to makethe show ,... we bought a red shirt on the way , ripped up some pants & our faithful hard working roadie Johnnie became Johnnie Sixx for the night and pulled it off with style & swagger  ,... The crowd love the show & no one would have guessed it was Johnnie's first time playing bass like that on stage for a full show ,... Well done Johnnie , you rocked it man !!!! 
Feb 21st at The Rockpile for Ziggy's Bday bash with Dust n Bones and Blizzard of Ozz  & Phil G from YTV ,.... Happy Birthday to ME !!!! what a great show , I played drums with 3 bands for colse to 3 hours non stop with  a live Q & A by TMAK world 
Dec 13 & 14 with JOHN CORABI of Motley Crue at the Rockpile west & east in Toronto 
When I look back at this band and all we have accomplished I have to think CRUED should go down as one of the greatest tribute acts of all time in the history of tribute bands all across the world ,... I am abit bias since it's my band butt seriously , how many tribute bands have eVer got to perfrom with the member of the band they pay tribute to ??? .... CRUED has done it THREE times !!!! 
John Corabi joined us once again for Hooligan's Holiday this time & once again we raise the bar for every other band to follow , our 1994 look was ripped from the pages of Motley Crue history ,.... John had a hard time looking at our bass player Karl , not because he thought he was a joke , butt because he looks & moves SO much like Nikki Sixx Crabby became uncomfortable with the flash backs he was having to his time with Motley Crue ,. John said to me "this guy is freaking me out , he's the right size , the right shape , he moves just like him ,... It's freaking me out" and he laughed ,... With John's approval , CRUED is working on a small Eastern Ontario & Quebec tour this fall 



Nov 30th at Rockstar Bar in Sault Ste. Marie (Too Fast) CRUED took a white knuckle ride on the Wildside thru a full on winter white out smow storm across Hwy 17 butt it was all worth it to play to a packed house of frozen fanatic Motley freaks ,... Can't wait to be back in 2014 !!!!  
 Nov. 23rd at Molly Bloom's in Kitchener (Too Fast) A gig CRUED never could have done a year ago turned out to be one kick ass time in Kitchener ,... A winter snow storm didn't keep the people away , the freezing cold made ppl want to drinkmore & stay longer ,.... we all huddled together in a pit of rocking Motley madness to make it RED RED HOTT !!!



 Nov. 1st at Greenfield's in Ottawa , Shout at the Devil show & photo shoot with the Photowitch Karin Mahoney , Randall Crawford & Aydyn  Neifer ,... Kick ass Halloween party with tonnes of amazing costumes & a 25 min fan photo shoot after the show , something that NEVER would have happened 6 months ago


Oct. 29th at Club Everleigh in Toronto ,.... 200 hot young rockers drinking bottles of chilled Vodka rocked out with us & Mizz Barbie Bitch's Fetish show on a TUESDAY night , now that's how we party !!!






 Oct. 18th  at The Boston Manor in Burlington (Too Fast)
Oct. 4th at Vegas Sports & Rock Bar 2340 Boul St. Anne in Quebec City (418) 663-3434 ... Two awesome nights in historic Quebec City with our east coast Nikki Sixx Karl Bass ,... Our warm up gig at Vegas Sports bar was RED HOTT man !!! awesome crowd packed in right up close & went wild for every song !!!

Oct. 5th at Le Chapelle Pub & Grill in Quebec City  (418) 663-6630 ,... Possibly the coolest venue CRUED has ever performed in ,.. a CHURCH !!!! When we were Shouting at the Devil I thought the pits of Hell would open up & swallow us all for committing such blasphemy ,.... I guess God love Motley Crue too , coz all that happens was 120 Frenchies woke up with hang overs *haha* ,.

Everyone was blown away by our show & can't wait to have us back ,.... & we can't wait to return , see you in the spring Quebec !!!


Sept. 27 the Courthouse in Toronto celebrating 30 years of Shout at the Devil ,.... I will let TMAK World do the talking on this one , they showed up with a full photo & video team & presented an amazing review on the entire show ,.... Check their website out atWWW.TMAKWORLD.COM


On Friday September 27th a very magical night of Rock n Roll shook the eastern edge of Toronto’s downtown. The venue was The Courthouse which is easily the coolest looking “bar” we have ever seen. The historical venue has soaring 25 foot ceilings with a balcony overlooking the  main room, fireplaces, leather couches and an incredible intimate vibe made this instantly a place where we hope to see many more rock shows. 

CRUED was appropriately the headliner tonight. The Motley Crue tribute band took the opportunity of the 30th anniversary of the multi platinum Shout At The Devil album to throw a party of the highest magnitude.  The thing that struck us most about CRUED is the amount of detail they put on tonight’s party. Every little thing was thought out and meticulously labored over for many hours and it showed. From the detailed reproduction of the Motley Crue outfits circa 1983, to the objects strategically placed on stage, to their glamorous march to the stage to kick off the show – this is clearly a tribute band that gets it.

CRUED consists of Ziggy as Tommy Lee, Robbie Roxx as Mick Mars , Karl-Bass as Nikki Sixx , and Bryndon Boonstra as Vince Neil. The band were phenomenal on stage and gave it their all in a highly entertaining set that consisted of Shout At The Devil end to end and then a smattering of various Motley Crue hits. What elevated the band even higher tonight is that it was vocalist Boonstra’s 23rd birthday (yup not a typo) but let me tell you that dude can sing. From his first notes we were all shaking our head in disbelief as to how amazing he sounded. The rest of the band was tight, crisp and on fire and impressed every single person crowded around the stage for their set.

Clearly they have been practicing for a very long time and their mastery showed. Not only did they capture the essence of Motley Crue’s music, they captured a bygone era of hairspray, man makeup, leather and chains in such a perfect manner that anyone who was a teenager in ’83 would have had flashbacks of Much Music or the Q107 Top 10 at 10 countdown and all the great music on TV and radio. Shout! Shout!  Shout! Shout At The Deviiiiil!

CRUED put on a show that deserves to be playing in theaters across North America similar ‘to tribute shows like Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience (reviewed here) and Brit Floyd (reviewed here). In other words their performance is too grandiose to be confined to bars and clubs and would benefit from full on multi million dollar sound and light systems.

CRUED has become a new favorite T.O. band for us and we intend on catching as many shows as we can and we will be interviewing the band on video in the near future. Kudos for an incredible job guys – your attention to detail did not go unnoticed





Friday Sept. 6th at Spot One  



 Friday July 5th Sabstock near Pembroke Ontario ,... Our first full gig with Karl Bass who looks & acts so much like Nikki Sixx onstage I swear it gives me goose bumps , Karl is a video guy & he will be stepping up our show not only on the stage , butt behind the scenes as we work to include video in our regular shows

Saturday July 6th at Revolutions in Kingston ,.... what a party for K town ... cant wait to be back again next year

Saturday June 29th CRUEDFEST 2 at Joanne & Rogers Rock n Roll Estate with Phantom Trace , Conflicted , The Raclones , and Demonic Warefare ,... Thanks to Joanne & Roger for raising awareness of Liver disease  & Diabetes , awesome bands rocked their estate with Karen the Bear cooking up some yummies on the BBQ & for her Sugar Shack merch , we had a blast & Roger will continue the tradition for some time to come

June 19-23 CRUED in Whistler BC for Tough Mudder ... Another EPIC trip to Whistler BC , new faces , new places , new beginnings new CRUED



May 11 at Obsession in Ottawa ,.. they burned us for $100 ,.

May 10th The Honset Lawyer ,... One of the most fun gigs ever ,.. we played right next door to Copps after the Motley Crue show in Hamilton Ont.,

May 8th at Cherry Cola's in downtown Toronto ,.... With Scott Penfold from Y108 & Loaded Radio ,.... always a good time playing downtown & this little club pack's 'em in ,... one of the opening acts was pure insanity ,... 15 members , horns , dancers , neon goggles , amazing costumes ,... good times ,.... "The band has a more youthful image & any mistakes will easily be worked out over time" Rick Priest a long time tribute performer from Toronto

May 4th at The Corktown in Hamilton With Destroyer ,... Mark & Boon rocked it !!! Said by one of the members of Three Quarter Stone , an Indie opening act on the bill who I know while we were talking about Boon "well if there was ever any doubt there isn't anymore"



June 13th at Jilly's for Esxtasy Magazine at Queen & Broadview in Downtown Toronto ,... what a great time , ... partying with naked chicks and dancers at Toronto's most Notorious strip club ,... we met Kim Awesome dancer & lots of fun ppl

Saturday June 15th at The Rockpile in Toronto for FETISH NIGHT !!! Pure & utter insanity !!! Lots of amazing pictures , most of which you will never see ,.. ppl getting whipped , cattle prodded , tied up & CRUED going nuts all over the stage ,.... Quote of the night was from the front of the stage by Jackie Lynn on the new guys in CRUED ,.... & Jackie said " You guys are kicking ass , I've seen this band a lot of times & you 2 guys are kicking ass" !!!!



April 12 La Maison Cornwall Ontario

April 13th The Rockpile ,....  Let me start this by saying CRUED is MY band , Of course , I can't do it without LOTs of help , I can't do it without Robbie & a host of others butt  I pretty much do everything , I started it , I found all the ppl , I have booked every gig butt 2 , arranged every rehearsal ,  I source all the backdrops & design them , write the set lists , find the photographers , I deal with all the logistics good & bad , get the water , the beer , the food , I find the costumes , I dress the mutherfuckers for crying out loud , I do EVERYTHING It's my dream & I am the only one who knows how to make my dream come true , all anyone ever had to do is show up & be excited about it , & put effort into what you're doing ,  that's all I ever asked for , how could anyone expect it to be any other way ,..... After this show Keith & Maxel both quit for the last time ,.... Keith had mad it clear he would NOT continue the band with Maxel Black as the singer , he told me get a new singer or a new bass player , and to further that Keith had asked to be subbed out , saying he didn't want to do "shitty little shows" anymore , didn't want to play Spot One or travel to shows out of town without knowing the venue would be packed , He was too busy to rehearse with Boon or put any time into CRUED ,..... So we found him a sub , just like he asked ... even better ,  we found 2 ,  Mark Costa put in a LOT of work with us getting Boon in shape so Mark got to do  the gigs on the schedule at the time which is totally fair and to be expected ,..... After doing everything he ask , landed his original band a HUGE show at The Phoenix , went so far out of my way to make him happy , Keith had a hissy fit coz he was left out of some "shitty gigs" & quit ,.

Maxel had out right refused to do shows with us opening for Destroyer , he said we should fold the band rather than stoop so low , he was also unavailable for rehearsals , wouldn't learn new material & had no time for CRUED ... Robbie & I brought in Boon to do the shows Maxel refused to do , offering Maxel the "Big Shows" as he saw fit to do them ,... I called Maxel numerous time to talk about it , the calls were never answered ,.... Maxel left me a voice mail saying that he quit

 Both members were showing up late at sound check and were gone before the backdrops had even been taken down ,....  Maxel was 30 min late in Peterborough and TWO HOURS late in Cornwall , both members were only interested in playing what they call "Big Gigs" like fly in's to Whistler & sharing the stage with Vince Neil or shows that pay very well ,.

For Robbie & I this is not how a band works , its not a money grab or an avenue to feed ones lust for attention ,... Both were offered numerous ways to continue with CRUED , both decided to quit once again .... 4th time for Keith , 3rd time for Maxel plus we canned him once for putting up so many road blocks about money ,.......  This band got where we are by playing all gigs big & small , paying & non - paying ,....  we will never stop trying new things to continue our quest to bring Motley Crue to your front door , no matter where it is ,... Professional bands do not stop rehearsing , they do it TWICE a week ,.

For Robbie & I this was no longer a band so we took steps to protect what we have made before our reputation was completely ruined in the professional community ,. Just as we can't make Maxel do gigs he doesn't want to do , he can't make us stay home from a gig that is paying & provides CRUED what we need to perform , Just coz Keith thinks a show is a "shitty little gig"  we may not feel the same , Robbie & I are humbled by the fact that we have been asked to perform any venue & if the club has the logistics we need then we'd be thrilled to perform whether its for 5 ppl , or 500 ,.

I considered Keith to be my greatest friend , he told me to go fuck myself & burned every bridge I ever built for him after I did only exactly what he asked me to do and still goes around acting like it is all my fault , which is fine by me , people always show their true colors & in the end & that's when the world starts to make sense ,.

CRUED will continue without them coz with them , we could not


Stay CRUED !!!!





March 15 Spot One in Brampton

March 9th The Red Dog in Peterborough

Feburary 16th Casas Nightclub in Windsor

Dec 21 2012 the Rockpile in Toronto ans the NEW Shout at The Devil show

Oct 27th Greenfields in ottawa , Carnival of Sins show

Oct 12th Spot One in Brampton

Sept. 13th The Courthouse with VINCE NIEL OF MOTLEY CRUE !!!

Our produest moment , to be sought out by Vince & asked to play his afterparty & have him join us on stage for TWO songs , I'm getting chills all over again writing this 6 months later 

Sept. 8th The Old Towne Sandwitch Fest in Windsor

Aug 25th Taps Brewery in Niagara Falls for CRUEDFEST

Aug 18th Roger & Jo-anne's rock & roll annivarsary

Aug 15 the Longhorn Saloon in Whistler BC for Crankworx (EPIC)

July 22nd Mints Strip club in Niagara Falls ,... Keith Shannon returns

June 23rd the Tilbury Fun Fair

June 16th Foolerys in Windsor

April 8th the Rockpile for the Fuck Cancer Benefit

April 6 & 7 Spot One in Brampton

Feb 25th Ziggy's Bday at Rockpile in Toronto as part of Monsters of Mock

Dec 17th The Stubborn Mule in SarniaCarnival of Sins show ,... Cam Carnage ROCKED & ROLLED after only 1 week to prepare he nailed every aspect & saved our asses after Keith refused to show up 


Nov. 19th The Rockpile  in Toronto Carnival of Sins show  .. shortly after this show Keith Shannon quits CRUED again for reasons un-known , he is replaced in days with Cam Carnage  




Saturday Oct. 29th at The Hardball in Milton

The Hardball looked AWESOME for Halloween as CRUED was joined by Paris INK doing live tats during the show , Keith Hill & Muffin for an all out balls to the wall party that happened so fast I can't remember most of it ,.



Saturday Oct. 15th at The 515 in Cambridge

You know I reall have to hand it to the people of Cambridge & the 515 Club

Everytime we play we try to get fans and patrons to dress up in out theme of the night & join the show , Carnival is circus performers , Dr.Feelgood , nurses & doctors , gorry patients , Theatre is 80's rocker & Saints is Nuns , priests , devil , angel etc.,....  it rarely works out , butt it ALWAYS happens at the 515 ,.

Once again we had at least 10 girls lookin like  Naughty skool girls & everyone got into the fun , we had a contest and gave away some awesome prizes ,.. I'm sad the club will be closing butt I hope the people of Cambridge keep thier great rock & roll attitude about them



Thursday Oct. 6th at The Rockpile in Toronto with JOHN CORABI !!!!

What can I say about this ???? I still find it hard to put into words the impact of this show for me & all of us ,... To share the stage and the spotlight with a member of Motley Crue

Was it more epic that Preeceville??? was it bigger than MoM 3 at Lee's Palace ??? Was it more fun that Port Dover or the C.N.E. ????

I'm still in awe , all I can sat is it was one of our most shinning moments ever ,

John Corabi may have performed with a bunch of ppl while touring SW Ontario , butt to us , it will always mean so much more



Saturday Sept 17th at Norma Jean's in London

CRUED now more notorious than EVER !!! 


Saturday Sept 3rd at the CNE in Toronto , performing 3 sets on the Midway stage from 7:30 to 11:00pm

3 different shows , Carnival , Theatre and Feelgood

The sun may be shining butt The Blackness is back !!!! After working things out with Maxel CRUED is back & stronger than ever before ,.We have a new found passion see how powerful we all are when on the stage together , it is true magic & this show proved it ,.CNE staff were stunned and amazed by the lengths we go to ROCK & ROLL ,.

Saturday Aug 6th at Casas Nightclub in Windsor .... Well , it seems that no matter how had we try to learn from Motley Crue and not make thier mistakes too our destiny is to follow in thier footsteps & Mark Deblock was our John Corabi , Try as we did we just couldn't make things work with Mark ,. He did a great job , as did Corabi with Motley , butt something was missing , schedules didn't mesh , the fans didn't like it , the timming was off & CRUED was struggling onstage ,. We wish Mark all the best with the many things he is involved in,.

Saturday June 25th at the Riverfront Theatre in Windsor

This gig was pretty EPIC , big crowd , 3 super hot chicks drove thier Hogs onstage to usher in Girls Girls Girls , for the first time CRUED got to play in a Carnival with rides sourounding us



Saturday April 30th at The Canadian Night Club in Sault Ste Marie with local Soo rockers Motion Carried & Dirty Virgin

Saturday May 7th at The Dirty Dog Saloon in Hamilton ,... Got ripped off by Andrew Goodwin the so called promoter who didn't show up or pay us ,... FUCKER !!!!

Friday May 13th at Angelo's in Port Dover !!!!! CRUED will be performing outside from 11am to 3pm



Good Friday April 22nd at Angelo's in Port Dover

CRUED turns a new page in our history books and takes things to a whole new level

New singer Mark DeBlock performed his first show with us to some of our closest family & friends ,.

The reviews were stupendous as Mark ripped off 2 great sets after only 3 rehearsals



March 5th at The Rockpile nightclub in Toronto

THIS is what Rock shows are all about

We packed 'em like sardines into the Rockpile as Battery Inc , a tribute to Old Skool Metallica ROCKED the HOUSE warming the crowd up with an awesome display of metal & fists pounding !!!!

Twisted J & Laura Dynamite took things to a whole new level with thier stage antics giving the 200 plus crowd someting they don't get to see often enough in today's rock scene ,.... a SHOW !!!!

They dazzelled & delighted in many ways as CRUED ripped thru our Carnival of Mayhem show ,.

2 hours of non-stop action up on the stage had the CRUEDnation realling & rocking all night long

I was told by someone at the Rockpile it was possibly the most successful rock show they've had to date barring the FasterPussy Cat/John Corabi show & 1 or 2 others

CRUED is told time & time again that we have a knack for spiking bar sales during our show , the energy we deliver makes even YOU thirsty *haha*



Feb 18 & 19  at The Coulson Nightclub in Sudbury

It's hard to write about the experinces we have at The Coulson Nightclub ,.

It's sort of like Vegas , the stories stay with you forever , butt can never be told ... To truley experince the mayhem & debauchery of The Coulson Night club & CRUED you have to be there yourself

I cAn tell you that Friday night CRUED did our New Saints of L.A. show with "Ridiculous" the 3 foot bass drum

Saturday night the drum kit was stripped & Ziggy's regular kit appeared giving a completely different look for the returning patrons on Saturday night who were treated to an over  the top Bastard show where Keith & Ziggy put up every backdrop we have all over the stage ,.

It was quite fun



Saturday Nov 20th at Greenfield's in Ottawa/Nepean

This show featured a knock down scream 'em out scrap between Ziggy & Keith right in front of the stage before the show even started ..... I bet ya the folks up front had NO clue how much like the real Motley Crue we really are

It was a packed house once again & under the hot lights at Greenfields the temprature kept rising all night long ,.... Local rockers Adryline Rush kicked some serious ass & did one of the best promo job's I've ever seen , Thanks so much to all of you for putting in that much time & effort ,. I'm sure you'll be getting your own gigs at Greenfield's now , butt anytime , anyplace , we'd love to share the stage with you again ,.

Lee's Palace Saturday November 13th

CRUED presents the Carnival of Mayhem with Saigon Hookers & Company Slave

Here's the short list  of ppl who helped out ,.

Thanks to Saigon Hookers & Company Slave ,.Thanks to John Wilson who deserves 10times what he gets paid to set these shows up , Thanks to J-Rock & Laura for an AWESOME job onstage & all the help , to Debbie & Angela for dressing up , Thanks to Tony , Thanks to Kyla for all the postering & the live internet feed .... Kyla does so much to rock in Toronto , CRUED (well most of us) is glad to help you in some small way , Thanks to Carina for the lights , Sharron & Terri for hanging at the merch table & to everyone who came to ROCK with us ,.

The 515 Concert Club in Cambridge

I was talking with the drummer from SAGA before the show .... cool dude .... CRUED will be back at the 515 this spring

Friday Oct 29th at Rileys in Oshawa ... with 2112 & FtAtR



Saturday Oct 23rd at The Foxx Lounge in Barrie

Our rockin' buddies Hand Over Fist invited us up to rock in Barrie & opened up the show with an amazing set of thier brand of Rock & Roll .... we've done a few gigs with these guys lately with more on the way ,.

WICKED little club is The Foxx Lounge , great vibe & set up , super cool people and a great place to Rock & Roll

For the second week in a row CRUED was blinded by the headlights of our lovely lady fans , the new slogan is workin out very well , butt I'm having a hard time reading the set list ... not to worry ladies keep showin' us what you got !!!! Robbie Roxx keeps me in the loop when he see's my eyes glaze over *haha*



Oct 16th at Norma Jeans in Tillsonburg

Sorry , I mean TITsonburg *haha* The quiet little town where half the girls want to become strippers & shwo off their tits

& to think , the guys were complaining about my new slogan

"CRUED , More mayhem , Madness & Motley Crue than you can shake a TIT at .... Butt don't let that stop you from trying !!! *haha* I told 'em it'd pay off !!!!



Saturday Oct 2nd at The Hardball in Milton

CRUED celebrates 50 shows with a new Saints of Los Angeles look with Mockcherry a Buckcherry tribute band who kicked off the show in FINE sleazy style The new CRUED Saints look is more current , same backdrops , butt new costumes , Robbie Roxx in his awesome chaps & face makeup , maxel & Sikki with wardrobe changes & Ziggy's new drum set up including "Ridiculous" a THREE FOOT bass drum ... catch the show NOW as we tour it around for the rest of 2010



Sept. 25 The Dirty Dog Saloon in Hamilton

I can think of no better place to end off our 'Summer of Sleaze" tour the the Dirty Dog Saloon in Hamilton ,.

Hamilton has been begging for a CRUED show for years & we have finally found the venue that can contain us ,.

Complete with stripper poles , girls dancing on the bar , & bull rider this is the down on all four on the dirty floor kinda place CRUED can call home

With local rockers Caliber opening the show the night was off to a wild start & things got even hotter from there ,.

The bar , the poles , the dance floor & the stage got a great work out from the packs of hot sexy women rithing all over the club

Hamilton , I think CRUED will be back sooner than later !!!



Sept 18th Norma Jeans in London

CRUED joined forces with  Hand oVer Fist to rock the ledgendary stage at Norma Jeans in London .... Always a great time butt when we have a cool Indie band opening everything is that much better ,.

Great Motley Crue you've loved all your life & new rock that you'll Love for the rest of your life

Check out Hand over Fist at




The Summer of Sleaze heads north !!!

Friday Sept. 3rd in Hanmer & Saturday Sept. 4TH at The Canadian Nightclub in S.S. Marie

Another road trip of epic proportions , 2 days of mayhem madness & Motley Crue

We packed 'em in at Cousin Vinny's , an unlikely venue for CRUED butt Hanmer knows how to rock !!!

The Canadian Night Club is the prize of the north with amazing sound & lights , the crowd packs in & pounds fists all night long



Saturday Aug 28th at The Rockpile in Toronto/Etobicoke

"The most successful tribute band show we've had yet"

Once again CRUED raises the bar for everyone else to follow , even on a HOT summer weekend in the height of cottage season we sTill pack 'em to the newest hottest club in town

Symphony Grind along with Sixes & Seves made it a CRUEDfest of sorts with both our original bands kicking off the show & getting the crowd ready for the main event

CRUED loved doing time at The Rockpile & this is one prison we hope to be back at soon !!!!



Friday the 13th in Port Dover !!!

The summer of Sleaze got kicked into overdrive as CRUED turned The Biker Beer tent from a vacant lot to a packed out party of leather clad head bangers .

J-Rock took his antics to a new level in Port Dover , taking over the crowd & making them beg for more ,. Complete with burning rubber during Girls Girls Girls CRUED performed an epic show that Port Dover will never forget ... Until the show we put on nExt year May 13th 2011 .. Look out Dover , CRUED is coming for you !!!



July 16&17 The Coulson Night Club in Sudbury

2 nights of insanity , The Coulson is the most notorious club in the north full of mayhem debauchery drinking smoking hot chick drunk guys & the wildest crowd on earth

Sikki Nixx get the CRUED Iron Man award for going NON-STOP from Friday at 6:30pm untill Sunday at 3:30am , no food , very little sleep , a dozen Red Bulls 2 dozen Cesars & lovin' every second of it !!!

We judged a local Indie band Contest ... Pistol George Warren ... Check these guys out , not what you'd expect Sikki & Ziggy to like , butt the singer (& the band) is a STAR in the making !!!! http://www.myspace.com/pistolgeorgewarren

Saturday night was the first ever BASTARD show !!!! A mix of backdrops , costumes & bass drum heads gives you a different look from each side of the stage ,.

The crowd Saturday night went WILD when CRUED came out from behind the smoke , Ziggy was left alone for half the night while the Sikki Maxel & Robbie took over the bar & rock it !!!!

Sudbury was left screaming for more at 2:00am when we had to shut it down until next time .... Sorry Sudz , we don't make the rules , we just break 'em !!!!





June 26th at The Tilbury Fun Fair

When CRUED hit the stage at 9:30 the 2500 strong at The Tilbury Fun Fair turned from a group of mild mammered , church going framers sitting in their lawn chairs to a pack of wild fist pounding metal heads crushing the front of the stage ... Thank you for the Mayhem Tilbury ... Thanks to Doug , Scott , Cory  & all the super cool staff at the event & to the Dog House for some awesome accomidations ,... & no thanks to the mosquitoes *haha*

June 19th in Rehab ... No no , it's not a posh retreat in the mountains its a cool club in Brantford ,.

We rocked all ages style & still managed to have lots of debauchery swearing & CRUED fun !!!!

Thanks to James for setting up the show , Sonic Shock & everyone who came out for 2 hours of Motley Crue !!!

Extra thanks to our man Gerry for buying the FIRST Motley Crue print since we were sucked into buying them last year

June 12th at the 515 Club in Cambridge .... ROCKING CLUB !!! we did a sexy Naughty Skool Girl contest contest with prizes by Alleytatz Studio ... Thanks to Jason , Mike & Denise at the Club , Gerry , Skylar Sixx  & all those Naughty Skool girls *hot DAMM* !!!!

May 22nd "Kisses for Haley" at The Hardball in Milton ,..... Never before has a show caused so much controversy ,.... CRUED , SFD , Hand Over Fist , Big Blue X  Symphony Grind & Alleytatz Studios doing live INK banded together to ROCK for our special friend 10 year old Haley Stewart who has a brain AVM ,.

We had douce bags & fuck heads causing all kinds of bullshit for over a month about this event & I say to you all FUCK YOU ... you bunch of losers !!!! we are CRUED mutherfuckers & we will do whatever the fuck we want ... Our friend is sick & its not your place to say a gawd damm thing about what we do to help her,.

FUCK all of you , Todd , Tina , Lorrianna  , Susan , Ed , Cheryl & all you fuck nuts can go to fucking HELL I hope you all get sick & need help one day coz I'm sure Karma will be there for you & so will I ,... throwing you a flaming cement block to help you on your way down to hell ,. fucking dicks the lot of you ,.

May 15th Greenfields in Nepean/Ottawa ... A Theatre of Pain show that brough fans all the way from Toronto ,. CRUED never looks better than under the amazing lights of Greenfields

Saturday May 1st at The canadian Night Club in Sault Saint Marie ... ROAD TRIP baby !!! great times had by all , it was well worth the drive to the Soooooooo !!!

Saturday April 10th at Norma Jeans in Tillsonburg ... a new club to ROCK , CRUED brought the Saints show into NJ's with some awesome friends & some awesome tunes !!!

Friday April 2nd at Lee's Palace in Toronto ,. The EPIC Decades of Decadence show ... 4 set & costume changes , The Filthy Habits & Twisted J , Thunderstruck , Yankee Rose ... The most amazing show yet !!!

Saturday March 27th at Norma Jeans in London .. our Theatre of Pain show packed the house once again ,.

Feburary 19&20 at The Coulson Night Club in Sudbury



Nov 14th , Lee's palace in Toronto for Monster of Mock 4 ,.

I'm still giddy over this one ,. 400 strong packed into Toronto's ledgerdary rock club for Still of the Night , Crush & the unveiling of newest CRUED show .... The Theatre of Pain ,.



An amazing vibe from the people & some killer chops up on the stage made for one of the greatest night of rock & roll Toronto has seen in a while (like May 16th *haha* ) ,.

Twisted J & The Filthy Habits drove the crowd CRAZY as they sauntered onto the stage to welcome the masses to the greatest show on earth ,.



Nov 7 Greenfields in Ottawa ,.

3rd annual Roxanne's reunion & special guests , VoodoKroniC , The Filthy Habits & Twised J

Great times on the road & a packed house made for one of the most memorable & HOTTEST road trips  ever !!!


Oct.31st The Hardwickhouse in Orangeville for Halloween !!!!


Oct. 16th Boobalicious in Toronto .,

Canada's MASSIVE Breast Cancer Research Fund Raiser

All I can say is WOW !!!

Do we ever love boobies !!!

Show YOUR support in your own way & beat this FUCKED UP thing !!!!



Oct 3rd Norma Jeans in London



Friday Aug. 28th @ The ElMocambo in Toronto ,.

The Carvival of Mayhem rolled into the ledgandary ElMocambo on Spadina ,. The deep red curtains we a perfect backdrop for our perfect backdrops ,.

CRUED joined forces with Basia Lyjak , Sin Dealer , Voodo Bunny Patrizia & more as we all rocked for over 5 hours of some of toronto's finest tunes



The prestige & honor of playing such a legendary club really re-affirm ones belief that rock & roll is still alive & well in the big smoke and the good people in our big city really do appreciate a BIG ROCK SHOW !!!

Thanks to Ron Bechard for having a birthday & giving all a great reason to ROCK , thanks to Basia & all the bands involved & to alll those awesome rockers who came out & got WET for us ,.



Preeceville Saskatchewan July 31st & August 1st

Our most epic trip ever !!!

There is no way I can put into words what this trip meant to the people who went on it ,.It was nothing less than life changing ,.Over time we will fill this space with our thoughts & photo's , butt it will take time ,.We're still in awe of it & everything that has happened since ,. 



July 21st @ The Liquid Kitty in Hamilton

Pretty good rocking for a Tuesday ,. The Kitty is trying new things & doing cool bands on  a Tuesday

Once again CRUED raises the stakes & brought in more ppl than all the other tribute bands who had been part of the trial put together ,.

Hotties Liz & Deb were there kissing to end Breast Cancer & raised a few bucks for a great cause ,.Gina , Jane , Alley , Cher & the mad crew from Alleytatz who helped out Liz's cause with some more free ink !!!!

We had some rockers & some rollers , guys who think they can twirl styx better than Ziggy (ppppfffttt) , a chick in REALLY hot boots , we had new faces & old friends ,.Karen , Debbie , Chopper & CRUED paparazzi , we got the new T's & they're AWESOME !!! ,.Thanks to everyone who came out , Andreana & friends , Lorianna , Ed & Jacqueline , Fancy Nancy  !!!!

CRUED , making your Wednesdays impossible ;-)



July 17 & 18 The Coulson NightClub in Sudbury ,.

You know what they say ... "What happens in Sudbury stays in Sudbury" , maybe they said Vegas , butt they should have said Sudbury coz I've never seen so much debauchery in one place ,.

WE can't show you any pictures , coz the club doesn't allow cameras , there were 5 fights & 2 brawls , strippers , insane dancers , ppl rocking out on the bar , the tables , the speakers , nudity , severe drunkenness , we didn't sleep , we hardly ate , there was lots of Red Bull , pot , Jack Daniels , we signed asses , breasts , legs , we got licked , slapped , bitten & kissed , ,.

Next time we play Sudbury , just come & you can see it all for yourself !!!!



July 9th @ Levels in Cambridge & July 11th @ The Place in Brampton !!!!

After a short break to do some Symphony Grind recording CRUED returned to the stage in Cambridge with  a furry ,.The rumors & drama surrounding CRUED never seems to bother us when we hit the stage , it's all for one & one for all as 4 brothers ROCK & ROLL our way into the history books as the greatest Motley Crue tribute the world has ever seen ,.

Things may never be the same again , butt CRUED will always continue to bring you the wonder you've come to expect ... some things will change , some will stay the same , we're not really sure what will happen butt I assure you , we all love each other like family & there are no bad feelings or ill will in this family ,... sometimes , your brother moves , or your sister gets a new job & you just don't get to see them as much , butt they're still family & always will be ... sometimes , ppl just move on :-)

The real stroy in Cambridge was Liz & Deb's KissesTo End Breast Cancer Booth .... Our good (&very HOT) friend Liz is trying to raise $2000 to participate in the Walk to End Breast Cancer this Sept. 12th



CRUED is always there to get behind a pretty girl who's in need ;-) It was clear to us this meant a LOT to Liz , it means a lot to us too ... we love breasts & we love women & we don't want any one to have to suffer , this cancer thing CAN be beaten & I can't think of a better way to beat it than with kisses from HOT girls :-) ,.

So LINE UP !!!!

Liz & Deb at The Liquid Kitty July 21st & at any local events we come up with before Sept 12th



I loved the light wall at Levels in Cambridge , very cool to look at while I was playing ... I wish it was behind the band .... it would have made for great photo's ,.Thanks to everyone who ROCKED with us on a Thursday ... Kelly Sheila Andreana Sherry Jane n Tony Terry Chopper Lorianna , my man J-Rock of course , who else , Val , Phil , ,.

Saturday at the place was a stripped down show for CRUED , no backdrops , or costumes , no lights , no Filthy Habits ... just us boys , KICKIN' ASS !!!!

Thanks to Deb & Liz for coming again to try to make Brampton beautiful .... I think Ziggy did most of the kissing tho *haha*



Thanks to everyone who came out .... Kelly , Kimberly , Steve , Sally , The Wicked Sisters , Laura D & her friends & family , Guitar god Tony V , Sharron , Chris from Second Coming (killer Alice Cooper tribute) , my lovely Pam impersonator Lara J , Wendy , Val , Mark the insane head banger , Jane n Tony ... No J-Rock this time , dude , it was weird without you there man , I missed you !!!! ... The dance party after the gig was a RIOT !!!!

Good times my friends , good times

Stay CRUED !!!



The Hardball June 13th with Alleytatz Studios , Live ink  , Sonic Shock & more ....



This one was more of a multi-media event than just a CRUED show ,.

Alleytatz Studios filmed LIVE ink for their upcoming national Canadian Ink style TV show ,.Opening band Sonic Shock ROCKED us !!! What a great bunch of guys , they almost didn't make it into the club , butt once they did the ROCK was on & they showed us all how to be young again !!! It was a pleasure sharing the stage with them & these guys threw fist all night right from the front row ,. Check'em out at ...

Having the live tattooing & the Motley Crue art at our shows is something we plan to do more & more of ,.The 3 all intermingle perfectly ... you could be listening to the greatest Motley Crue tribute band EVER , while getting an original piece of Motley Crue sanctioned stipple art tattoo'd on your skin ... how freekin COOL is thAt ???

This night truly meant a lot to a lot of people , We are all so happy that the right people won the free on the spot ink & everyone who got tattoo'd was ecstatic about the work they received ,.No one more so than our good friend Elizabeth who had a tribute to her mother's battle inked forever on herhot little belly & Debbie who now lets the world know she will always BELIEVE , if you are lucky enough to get that view *winks* . Michelle Miss Hell , Tamara , Karen all received great little pieces that will make the night live on forever in their hearts & body ,.Sikki Nixx got CRUED tattoo'd on his wrist , now THAT'S dedication baby ,.

I can't thank Carlo & The Hardball enough for another amazing night of gracious hospitality , Thanks to Buzz , Gina & all the staff , ... Alleytatz went above & beyond & were still tattooing at 4:00am when I was pulling out the back door ,.Watch for Alleytatz upcoming national Canadian Ink Style TV show  coming SOON , featuring CRUED & many top Canadian artists ,.

Thanks to everyone who came out to ROCK with us ... Ben , Steve , Sally , Gail , Al Gilmer , Roger , Stephan , The Metal Sisters , Jane N Tony , Tracey , Sharron ,  Maxel Mike .. awesome to see you all again & if I missed you it's just coz my computer SUCKS & I'm out of time

THANK YOU !!!!  


May 29th @ The Mansion in Barrie



Can I get a HELL YAH !!!!!

Almost 200 of our closest & newest friends ventured into The Mansion Night Club for this much anticipated show ,. A whole WHACK of the CRUEDNATION made the trip up the 400 to rock with us & FEELGOOD !!!!

We saw friends from HIGHskool , met some new people from FB & had a blast with those nearest & dearest to us all ,.

The Mansion was a buzz as we waited for the clock to tick far enough past 11:00 for the show to begin & J-Rock & The Filthy Habits kicked it off in F.I.N.E form ,.With the crowd right in our faces pounding fists we felt right at home on the lush stage of soft plush carpet ,.For over 2 hours we blasted the Crue & sexy girls down everyone's throat & not one person seemed to mind ,.

The party after the show was first  rate with almost 45 min of insane picture antics with the band & our Filthy Habits .. CRUED has heard roumors The CRUEDnation cause quite a ruckus in Barrie hotels that night ... WAY TO GO ROCKERS !!!

CRUED & our fans cause a ruckus everywhere it seems & we couldn't be prouder

Thakns to Denis & Kaitlyn at The Mansion & Ron for the great sound ,.

Thanks to Jane n Tony for keeping us safe , Jamie for helping us get into the club , thanks to Sharon , MissHell , Shauna , Crazy Steve , Sally & friends , Janne , Gerry , Chris , Penny , Debbie , Stephan , Kelly & her Crue .... & A WAY TO GO to our newest Filthy Habit the lovely Scarlet 0'Hell !!! (who hasn't told me her stage name yet , so thats what I'm calling her :-P) She has us all seeing red baby !!!,.

& Thanks to everyone who rocked out with us , we had a WICKED time & can't wait to be back again

Next up , Hardball June 13th for a CRAZY night , Live Tats , video shoots , a famous Motley Crue artist , TV shows FREE admission ... see , CRAZY !!!!!

Stay CRUED !!!




May 24 weekend 2009

Monsters of Mock III

Saturday May 16th

CRUED , Dressed to Kill & Motorheadache

This one was truly EPIC !!!!

The club say 350 , I say more like 400 strong packed Lee's Palace for the biggest Monster of Mock yet ,.

The city was a buzz with anticipation of this show , it was the talk of the town ,.

The clock struck 9:00 & Motorheadache showed us all how to ROCK OUT ,.After a blistering set that saw the front of the stage fill with headbangers the debris was cleared & Dressed to Kill exploded onto the stage ... ROCK & ROLL baby !!! Big boots , big hair , BIG SOUND !!!!

Iron man Chris Taggart kept the masses at bay while behind the green curtain the magic was brought to life ,.

The crowd was frenzied , you could feel their hearts pound to the Symphony Grid blasting through the speakers ,.

As the curtain fell Brad Wilson & Drew Masters whipped the Cruednation up once more & Dr'Feelgood was in da HOUSE !!!!LeesCrowd.jpg

CRUED was on fire !!!!

The crowd fed us so much energy Red Bull called us after the show to see if they could bottle it ,.

We told 'em "FUCK OFF , The Cruednation is all ours"

CRUED blasted through our best set yet , the Filthy Habits ROCKED the stage in their whites & then stripped down to something more comfortable ,.

The hits kept coming & coming & the masses kept begging for more ... & who are we to deny any one more ... so we gave it !!! & then we gave some more ,.

Fists pounding , heads banging , chicks making googly eyes at Sikki , sweat , blood , pounding bass , flashing lights !!!


It's an honor to put on such a show & have so many people enjoy it , my hat goes off to you all !!!!

Thanks to Alleytatz for the prizes inour Naughy Nurse contest & helping make the show so huge !!!

A special thanks to John for helping smooth things over & promote the show ,.I'd like to thank Lee's Palace for CRANKING IT UP !!!! So many clubs today keep the volume below ear bursting levels & it's just not right , this is a ROCK SHOW , all you should be able to do is drink ... & watch the band , no talking , no exchanging recipes just screaming & singing along at the top of your lungs ,.

Thanks to Jess & Sherry for being our merch girls for the night YOU ROCK !!!! Thanks to Josh for the lights

Dressed to Kill & Motorheadache , you guys were AWESOME , pro stuff all the way

Thanks to everyone who came out & supported this night , you were part of something EPIC that will not soon be forgotten !!!!

MoM 4 coming in Nov. ... will you have your ticket in time ????



Sunday May 17th

CRUED & The Carnival of Mayhem @ Norma jeans in London

Another long awaited show for CRUED , its been a long time coming & a lot of work went into rocking this ledgendary stage ,.

215 plus rocked to Tommyrot & rubbed elbows with CRUED & our Filthy Habits ,.We've never been treated so nicely & welcomed by so many people ,.There was a lot of love in the room baby !!!

The Carnival is always our most elaborate show & the most fun to put on , all the make up & costumes , the flair & color , its just good gawd damm fun !!!!

The Filthy Habits & Twisted J bring it over the top & had the performance of a life time , HOT SEXY HORNY & TWISTED !!!

What more could you ask for ???

London "got it" & joined in on the fun , The front of the stage was jammed & that was the most people onstage eVer for Girls Girls Girls ,.

We saw a bunch of faces from the night before , Jane n Tony , Steve , Sally Lucy , Glenn , Ash & Ray , Lorianna , Terri , what a bunch of hardcore rockers , we are proud to have you join us on a truly CRUED weekend ,.THANK YOU !!!!



CRUED @ Greenfield's in Ottawa May 2/09


May 4th 2009

With the great news of HUGE upcoming shows & a possible endorsement deal with Bassoon for Sikki Nixx , CRUED packed up the bus & headed to Ottawa ,.

After some 36 photo's of town signs Cobbledick road seemed so long ago as we pulled into Greenfield's ,.The CRUED bus had not even begun to cool as we were given the "You can't play too loud " speech by the sound crew ... CRUED neVer listens to this speech , we are simply put , the loudest band EVER !!!!

What's funny is the crowds never seem to complain when they go home with ringing ears !!!!

CRUED's black & white SoLA stage looked OUTSTANDING under the light display at Greenfield's ... the sound in the club was first rate & the close to 250 CRUED heads stormed the front of the stage when our intro track started , fists pounding , lungs screaming , a mosh pit , beer glasses smashing all over the stage , TITS , girls yelling at Ziggy "Take your pants off" ... It's all in a nights work for CRUED & we couldn't be happier !!!!

We would like to extend a MASSIVE thank you to the boys of Shadowvale ... They ROCKED THE FUCKING HOUSE !!! we were so impressed & hope to share the stage with these rock stars again soon ,.

Thanks to John & Greenfield's for a great night of rocking !!!!

Thanks to Monica our MySpace goddess & Sophie for making the trip from Quebec & Suzanne for the pics .... and to Jane & Tony , coz no show would be complete without you (& you too Amber) ...

CRUED will be back Ottawa !!!!

Spread the good word & stay CRUED !!!!



April 22nd 2009

CRUED MySpace shut down

We have a good friend taking over care of our MySpace  , Monica Mansi ,.

Butt before Monica could take over pimping our space , she had to take the MySpace Copyright quiz ,.

It turns out someone had reported CRUED to MySpace over our intro song "CRUEDSLUT" which was running as an MP3 on the site ... The intro melds Motley Crue's "In The Beginning" & Frank Zappa's classic song "Crew Slut" ... if you were at one of our earlier gigs , you may have heard it opening the show ...... Our space was shut down for over a week because of this ,.

Personally I don't feel this to be a copyright infringment since we were not selling it nor was it avalible for download ... It was simply our intro track running in the background ,...Harmless & fun ,.

This most likely means either a lawyer from Frank Zappa's camp heard the track & complained ,or someone from Motley Crue reported CRUED for using their Shout at the Devil intro ... either way , to us ...THIS IS GREAT NEWS !!!!

It means good or bad , people are taking notice of CRUED ,.

They say there is no bad press & now that we know that they know about us ... we will do everything we can to keep 'em coming back for more CRUED !!!!


Enter subhead content here

CRUED & The Carnival of Mayhem @ The Hardball Friday April 10/09


You can Believe the hype ... when it's coming from CRUED !!!!

Our promo machine was in full force April 10th as CRUED put on our biggest show yet ,.

The Carnival of Mayhem

The Filthy Habits & Twisted J put on a show to remember for all times ,.

Over 2 hours of mayhem , madness & Motley Crue & almost 250 screaming fist pounding Crue-heads who were hungry for a little debauchery on one of the holiest days on the calendar .,

From the opening Shout at The Devil all the way to Anarchy in the U.S.A , our Carnival of Mayhem delivered the goods & left the masses begging for more ,.

The drinks were flowing , the girls were horny , the band was hot & the club was jumping ,.

The party afterwards was a sight to be seen itself as the stage was over run with hordes of scantily clad women ... this is never a problem for CRUED & I'm pretty sure we were the ones instigating it all :-)

CRUED would like to extend a HUGE thanks to the mad cats of ALLEYTATZ studios for all the free tattoo give-a-ways & for helping make the night such a success ,.

CRUED & ALLEYTATZ will be teaming up a lot in the future to bring you everything from T.V show appearances to benefit concerts to just plain fun fun fun ,. These guys do so much to support live rock in Canada , we are proud to be part of such dedicated team

Thanks to Carlo & The Hardball for believing CRUED could do it ... & we sure as hell did .... This was the biggest crowd The Hardball has seen since Vince Neil himself played the club 3 or 4 years ago ,.

& of course , thanks to YOU , for without you , we wouldn't even be here !!!!

CRUED fans go above & beyond being just "fans" , you are all part of the show & we do it for you !!!